Monday, August 22, 2011

Balefire -- Submissions Needed for Samhain 2011

The first (and so far only) issue of The Balefire: A Magical Magazine for the Midwest was very well-received. Granted, that was at Beltaine of 2009, and we have been lax in our duty to get this marvelous, mystical magazinical treasure out to our readers since that time.

By "we," of course, I mean ME. I have have been lax. Mea culpa!

I could give you the reasons (or excuses, as you will) for the delay, but instead, I would like to focus on what we (yes, that still just means me, for now) need to make The Balefire happen for Samhain 2011 (and beyond!).

HELP! Yes, I need help. The magazine is wonderful, and I'm very proud of its vision and voice; but in the immortal words of Velma Kelly, "I simply cannot do it alone." I need a couple of section editors, one or two artists willing to create as-needed pieces to accompany articles, and anywhere from 2-5 columnists whose work would be regularly featured in the magazine.

SUBMIT!! I'm only asking for submission of content. We accept original articles, rituals, poetry, reviews, photographs, art. At this time, we are not working under a thematic structure, but we do ask that material relate to the practice of magic and/or Paganism in the Midwest US. Our regional focus is what makes us unique, and it allows The Balefire to be a resource to practitioners in this part of the country (and world).

Regular sections to which you might consider contributing:
  • Vendor's View -- highlights a brick & mortar, online, or festival-based merchant
  • Festival Forum -- previews and reviews of area festivals
  • Group Guide -- highlights a working coven, hearth, circle, grove or other body (or group of related bodies)
  • Community Services -- recognizes the work of groups or individuals working for the betterment of the community
  • Red Straps -- discusses lore, history, culture and events related to Fire Tribe
Of course, your articles, rituals, tutorials and other submissions are always welcomed. We'll be publishing bi-annually, at Samhain and Beltane, so plan your seasonal submissions accordingly.

For more information, to submit content, or to start talking with me about being a regular contributor/editor, write to me at

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