Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aphrodite's Priestess is BACK

Technically, I haven't been GONE. Well, I took that teensy break, but that last about a minute and a half. I did change my blog name, but I realized tonight that doing THAT was just silly. Apparently the entire Aphrodisian world was linked to me as Aphrodite's Priestess. So, I reclaimed that blog name, and here I am again.

You'll be happy to know, lovers of the Golden One, that I found a most delightful statue of Our Lady lurking in a flea market today. Just what I needed for the shrine, as a matter of fact. As I am headed out there tomorrow for the retreat, it was perfect timing.

And do stay tuned for upcoming information on the Order of the Red Doves (which Elle and I have been collaborating on) and the Priest/ess Training Program (which I am still working on). I'll have updates very soon about both of those projects.


Robin Artisson said...

Good day, Madame:

Or should I say "good morn, good morn, good morn said they- good mornin' then said he..."

Except that it isn't morning anymore.

Robin Artisson here, good tidings of the Buccos-Bodaich of Autumn and the approaching Winter stars, and congratulations on your very well done "AFW" blog. The background is particularly well done; my aesthetic tastes incline to the bold and rustic colors you managed to make work- how I wish I could make them work on my own blog!

I couldn't find a direct email for you, so I figured that I'd have to scrawl a little post here. I was wondering if you did guest posts to your blog, and was offering to give you a delicious written morsel on the Art- I've a bevy of topics planned for Fall, and it would certainly be an honor to write for you.

No harm, no foul if you decide against; just a friendly offer from a fellow Traveling Man whose soul glows with the ember of Heth-Quayin and whose devious mind strikes through words like the forked tongue of Cunning Jack. Have a fine evening, and keep up the good work, you and that Owl Lady who accompanies you.



Laurelei said...

Good day, indeed, oh good-fellow, Robin!

Thank you so much for contacting me. Thanks, too, for your sweet compliments on the AFW blog's content and design. The design applause all belongs to Glaux.

You can e-mail me directly at From there, we can talk about having you write a guest post for AFW. We are thrilled at the idea! At the risk of sounding like fan girls, we are both admirers of your work -- and have been for some time.

Your offer is delicious and most welcome. We are both looking forward to talking with you more.